Yamaha Sidewinder “Holeshot” Secondary Helix


Standard 35 Degree Precision Helix  –  

HOLESHOT 33/35 Degree Helix  –  

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Yamaha Sidewinder “Holeshot” Secondary
Clutch Helixes

Are all three of the shift rollers making contact with the helix ramps in your Yamaha Sidewinder secondary clutch? You might want to pull the clutch and take a look, as there have been some issues reported with the OEM rollers not having even contact, leading to flat spots on the rollers and reducing responsiveness.  

Thunder Products is always looking for opportunities like this, and they have seized the moment by offering a couple of new helixes for the Sidewinder models. Their new helixes have precision machined ramps that are more accurate and smoother shifting than the stock cast ramps.  Roller Life is also improved – sometimes quite significantly. 

Their new Sidewinder Holeshot Helix lets your turbo spool up even faster, giving you the powerful holeshots you are looking for.  This helix also has precision machined ramps that are more accurate and smoother shifting as well as improved roller life. 

If your rollers are getting flat spots, or if they are not contacting all three of the OEM ramps on the cast helix, contact Thunder Products to get hooked up with performance parts to not only take care of the problem, but keep it working better for longer. Call them at 320-597-2700 or visit www.ThunderProducts.com today.
Comes in Straight angle (stock) or Reverse angle


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Weight 33 oz
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 4 in
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33/35 degrees, 35 degree