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SIDEWINDER Kits now available!!

The Yamaha SR Viper sleds are known for lacking top end, only topping out in the 80’s.  With the BIG VENOM kit you will be able to run over 100 mph (we hit 105 mph on GPS on snow and 111 mph on asphalt with this kit).  The BIG VENOM Kit also gives you much faster acceleration, from the low end through the middle and on top.  Comes with everything you need—Heavy Hitter adjustable flyweights, secondary spring, glide washers, clutch holder, all for only $319.95.

Please list your year and model, dressed weight and any modifications to the sled in the comments section to have your kit shipped in a pre-set combination.


Terry Burmeister says:

Thunder Products has a clutch kit now just for the Vipers! The kit is called the Big Venom Viper kit and uses the Heavy Hitter weights that have been around for years which I have used in the RX-1’s, Apex and Nytro myself….now my Viper. Lot of testing went into this kit to improve the whole range of performance for the guy who wants good fuel mileage…. to the guy who wants to rail the trail…to the guy going off-trail thru the trees.

These Heavy Hitter weights are balanced out perfectly and the whole kit will come with Heavy Hitter weights with all the hardware for adjustments after more miles and break-in…. (if and when needed), Thunder Products glide washer kit to protect the primary clutch cover (keeps the primary spring from twisting and breaking) and a new secondary spring that not only eliminates the coil bind problem but also makes this kit have very low engagement, pull hard from bottom end to top end and the best part is getting much better fuel economy. The kit complete is $299

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Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 4 in
Clutch Weight Kits

BigV-48, BigV-58 – Turbo, BigV-58 Sidewinder

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