Thunder Shift Rollers for Yamaha


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Superior Performance Through Superior Clutching
Yamaha Thunder Shift Rollers

The Thunder Shift Rollers (TSR) are another great tuning component for the Yamaha clutch. Yamaha Thunder Shift Rollers are available in 14.8mm and 15.8mm. Thunder Shift Rollers are heat treated, Melonite coated and bushed. Thunder Shift Rollers are a bolt on high performance item from Thunder Products, Inc.

Here are some reasons you may want to use Thunder Shift Yamaha Rollers:

  • Tuning component for stock clutches or when using Heavy Hitter Arms.
  • Hardened steel rollers are bushed and ISR stock legal.
  • Two sizes offers tuning for all models.
  • Smaller size increases force of cam arms, larger size decreases force.
  • More economical than helixes with more consistent results.
  • Melonite coated for lubricity.
  • Fits all late model Yamahas with 9mm pins (SRX, Viper, Venom, Rage, RX-1, Warrior, Vector, Mtn models, and newer models).

Sold in sets of three with installation instructions.

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