Thunder Shift Rollers for Ski-Doo


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Superior Performance Through Superior Clutching
Ski-Doo TRA Thunder Shift Rollers


The all new Thunder Shift Rollers (TSR) are another great tuning component for the Ski-Doo TRA clutch. The TSR can be used with stock TRA arms or the adjustable Thunder Shift Arms. Thunder Shift Rollers are available in Stock Ski-Doo size(10.0 grams), 1mm oversize (12.5 grams each) or 2mm oversize (15.5 grams each). Thunder Shift Rollers are heat treated, Melonite coated for lubricity and bushed. Thunder Shift Rollers are a bolt on high performance item from Thunder Products, Inc.

Here are some reasons you may want to use Thunder Shift TRA standard size, 1mm or 2mm oversize Rollers:

  • You may want to use them for the weight
  • 1 mm oversize rollers weigh 2.5 grams more than the standard roller
  • 2 mm oversize rollers weigh 5 grams more than the standard roller
  • They give you more belt squeeze for a better hole shot.
  • The oversize rollers will raise your rpm’s allowing you to run your clickers in a lower position. Having your clickers in a lower number keeps your ramp angle shallower for better acceleration. Lower clicker numbers also give you more usable numbers available for upward adjustment.
  • Melonite coated for lubricity saves wear on roller and weight arm.
  • Last and certainly not least, they cost much less than the stock rollers.

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