Thunder Shift Heavy Hitters


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Get all the horsepower to the ground, fast & easy, no guesswork

You can’t buy a better clutch kit for any amount of money!

The Heavy Hitter clutch weight by Thunder Products, Inc. is the ultimate in high performance weights! The unique weight distribution is designed to “get the power to the ground”. It is easily adjusted in low range without being removed from the clutch. It is also adjustable in mid range and top end with resolution as fine as 0.4 grams. The patented weight distribution system allows you to easily “dial in” a perfect shift pattern every time with no guesswork. The Heavy Hitter has undergone extensive field and dyno testing to insure total performance. The Heavy Hitter is an easy bolt on performance product that fits Arctic Cat, Polaris, Yamaha, or Comet clutches with special wide roller. No clutch machining is required!

The Heavy Hitter is a bushed weight that is billet machined from the finest materials available, stress relieved, heat treated, and matte finished. Each set of weights comes perfectly gram weight match balanced. The Heavy Hitter weights have been spin tested at over 17,000 rpm’s insuring the strength and durability required. Each set of Heavy Hitters comes with a complete set of tuning components and a tuning manual that is easy to understand and follow. NOTE: Heavy Hitter weights are available for sleds that normally run weights in the mid to high forty gram range up to seventy grams plus.

Thunder Shift Weights are primarily for sleds that require lighter weights such as 440’s, 500’s and many triples.
Heavy Hitters are for sleds that require heavier weights such as big twins.

If you have any doubt about which parts to order, call Thunder Products Clutching tech line at 906-484-1650 and we will be happy to assist you. 
Exchanges will be made on new and unused parts only at the buyers shipping expense.

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