Arctic Cat Drive Clutch Go-Rings





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Arctic Cat Drive Clutch Go-Rings
Kit includes 6 washers.

Let us introduce you to six little parts called Go-Rings that will make your 2004 through 2015 Arctic Cat snowmobile upshift and backshift faster and smoother.  You will get faster and smoother hole shots. Clutching will be so much smoother in all aspects that it will be like riding a different machine.  This includes ease of loading your sled onto a trailer.  No more lurching forward.

All Arctic Cat snowmobiles 2004 through 2015 have a pivot shaft the runs through the clutch weight. On both ends of this shaft is an o-ring that centers the weight in the clutch.  The o-rings create six to seven pounds of friction per weight or eighteen to twenty-one pounds of total friction in the clutch.  Using a high tech plastic that can handle high and low temperatures as well as friction, we replace the stock o-rings with our Thunder Products Go-Rings. Installation is a simple ten minute job.  Just compress the clutch, remove the nut on the pivot shaft, pull the shaft, remove the stock o-rings and replace with our Go-Rings with the round side of the Go-Ring facing inward and the flat side facing outward to the shaft head and the nut.  Re-install the shaft and the nut.  That’s it.  All the friction is gone!




SnowTech Magazine * September 2016



If you have an Arctic Cat fitted with the Arctic Cat drive clutch (pre-TEAM, 2015s and earlier) then this is a MUST-HAVE mod, and it is so simple and inexpensive it might make you mad. Install a set of Go-Rings from Thunder Products.

Yep, a new set of Go-Rings will transform the shifting character of your sled so much it will make your head spin. The stock O-rings on the flyweight pins bind and stick, where the Go-Rings allow the flyweight pins to rotate freely, allowing the primary to open and close far more smoothly. Less force is required to get the clutch to move, allowing the flyweights to move oh-so-freely, grabbing the belt with less effort, with a much smoother engagement. Deep snow sleds will especially appreciate the ability to engage the belt and have a smoother drive-away with an even lower track speed. All sleds will benefit from the smoother take-offs.

If you were to pull the primary clutch from your sled and remove the cover and spring (WARNING—this is all under high tension), you could then see what we are talking about. The stock O-rings are on the flyweight pins and act to keep the flyweights centered on the rollers and to keep them from contacting the spyder, fitting into a radiused pocket in the spyder. Problem is, they stick and bind and actually create a pre-load (to the tune of 6-7 POUNDS per flyweight) that must be overcome to get the flyweight to move. These stock O-rings actually make the flyweight pins “stick” and not move freely. When you see how this is in your clutch you will likely be very upset, like what the hell is up with that? Then install a set of machined Go-Rings (with the radius placed into the spyder, flat side facing the pivot pin head on one side and the nut on the other side) and see how easily and freely the flyweights and pins rotate. No sticking, no binding, free to move, less force required to get them to react ans grab the belt. You can flip the clutch upside down and the flyweights will drop there and hang freely (before you install the spring and cover, of course).

It is kind of strange. Arctic Cat smartly locks their flyweights to the pins, allowing much better bushing support out on the ends of the pins in comparison to having all of the force put into the flyweight bushings, but then they install these sticky O-rings for centering that make the pins bind. Really strange.

This freedom of movement gained by installing the Go-Rings is in both directions, on both the upshift and the backshift. Your sled will not only engage smoother, it will shift smoother and backshift smoother. The sled will act like it is better connected to the throttle. And perhaps the best part is the Go-Rings are so damn cheap—only $19.95 for an entire set of six for all of your flyweights, making them the bet bang for the buck there is. The benefit they provide makes them an absolute “must-have” for all Arctic Cat primary clutches.

Order yours, part # TSK-625, from Thunder Products at or call them at 320-597-2700. Many Arctic Cat dealers have starting using them during their clutch rebuilds as well, since Thunder Products is a primary source for clutch parts and rebuild components that you can’t even get from Arctic Cat. Go figure.




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