About Us

About Us

Lonn Peterson has been in the performance clutching and carburetion business for many decades. Thunder Products has grown big, so Lonn decided to split the company and sell the clutching portion. This is where Thunder Products Clutching, LLC comes in.

Timothy Hank and Terry Burmiester know a thing or two about clutching, and especially the Thunder Shift weights. Their racing and business backgrounds make them the perfect candidates to take Thunder Products Clutching to the next level.

Terry Burmeister, co-owner of the new Thunder Products Clutching, is one of the most respected and best-known snowmobile tuners and test drivers in central Wisconsin. Terry’s accomplishments in racing ATVs and snowmobiles have awarded him titles including five-time points Champion in ATV racing and the 2015 IHRA (International Hot Rod Association) Points Champion in snowmobile asphalt racing. He was also the 2006 winner of the SPEED TV show “PINKS”, which aired in March of 2007.  Quality and top-notch customer service is Terry’s expertise, working as a Quality Manager, Quality Engineer, Lead Quality Tech, and Final Inspector for three decades.

Thunder Products Clutching co-owner Tim Hank also has extensive experience in snowmobiling and snowmobile racing. His father and uncles started racing in 1968 and it wasn’t long before Tim picked up the habit. For over thirty years, Tim has done everything from oval racing, snocross racing, to drag racing on a sled. Tuning a snowmobile is paramount to his racing success. He also has a background in drafting and design engineering with a degree from Lake Superior State University, plus over eighteen years experience in manufacturing. His career expands into purchasing and inventory control for the manufacturing and electric utility fields.

Together, their connection with the snowmobile and ATV community, numerous websites and social media have made them well-known and well-respected to anyone who wants more performance out of their machines.

Keeping the American Made tradition, Thunder Shift and Heavy-Hitters are of the highest quality steel and special built components. The reputation for quality, performance, personal tech support, and value that has been built over decades will continue under Thunder Products Clutching, making our products the most sought-after performance upgrades you can buy for any amount of money.

Check out the catalog and visit our shop page. You can call in your order or place it directly online. We are here to help you get the best performance out of your snowmobile.

If you're looking for The Original Dial-A-Jet, IntelaJet, Quad-Flow Torque Wings, and other carburetion performance upgrades, click here for Thunder Products.